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Herein lies the Ghost in the political machine of the Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke. Much like Max Weber arguing with the Ghost of Marx, this blog seeks to make relevant and where appropriate support or reject Burke's 'Reflections' against the backdrop of the disastrous New Labour experiment.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tamil demonstrations cost the taxpayer £8 million

A bizarre expenditure was announced today, but it finally allowed us to know the sheer extent to which ‘demonstrators’ cost the UK.

The police admitted they were extremely stretched with resources and that violent crime was rising 30% through-out the protests in the London area. Suprisingly, the G20 curfuffel cost us less - weighing in at only £7.2 million.

This could have paid for extra nurses, more teaches, or making a ‘small’ cut in our national debt. Why should foreign demonstrations cost the UK money?

What irks me is that only certain types of people are ‘allowed’ to protest. Every morning I get the work-shy, unwashed, woolly liberal complete with megaphone in their dirty festival condition tent, camped out at Parliament square.

The Tamil supporters are trying to gain legitimacy for a terrorist group that has undermined Sri Lanka for almost 60 years. They brought Westminster to a standstill by sitting in the middle of the square with their protestations - with no regard for the rest of us.

People should have the right to demonstrate, however not for 43 days and at such a rate of numbers for something that is happening in another sovereign state. The violence in Iran as a result of its own people rallying against the Government in their own boarders is a right and justly cause, but doing this in another country is not.

Their disregard for the wider consequences, in the form of being a catalyst for rising criminal activity is something they should be ashamed of. This ‘my rights trump all other rights’ in a world which now acts within a postmodern moral vacuum is somewhat ridiculous.

The police should have the powers to move them on after their original protests are over. It would happen at a BNP rally or a group that is deemed politically incorrect. How does the mechanism of democracy function if there is one rule for one group and a different one for someone else?

The UK has now become a vessel for unhealthy dissent towards other nation states.

The End of Trials without Juries

The Great Charter of Freedoms otherwise known as Magna Carter is a parchment that is yet again under attack from Nu Labour’s progressive agenda.

Today marks a break with almost 800 years of a real form of Human Rights, as Labour has managed to do away with the right to a jury in criminal trials.

This is a very dangerous precept and it is on the constitutional back of a push for 42 day detention. A jury is an unashamed tool of democracy and key for it to function - as the common people are given the duty to sit and act as counter balance to the whims of the ever increasing power of judges.

Labour, ideologically claims to be the party of the people, however it has ceded all power to the Liberal intelligentsia, who believes it has a right to trump our basic inalienable Rights and preside over all decision making. This goes far beyond a soft paternalism, but acts as an overarching State intent on quenching its thirst for power by seizing and centralising public authority.

Most commentary is on how corrupt and morally bankrupt our MPs are and how awful Gordon Brown is as a Prime Minster, however the most menacing threat to our security is Jack Straw. His philosophical tract is one deep rooted in Socialism, which will cease at nothing until all our traditional pillars of society are, firstly undermined, then shattered into oblivion like that of an ancient tribe millennia ago.

He is blind to the dangers of dismantling society out some misplaced quest to see Britain ushered into a Socialist utopia. I have always stated that the Left’s foundational principles have completely misread the Human Condition and that their contorted view of Man has and will continue to have damaging consequences, until the true forces of Conservatism rise again.

Although, what amazes me is this move to hide the criminal process from the public and place sole power to our extremely liberal judiciary. What type of criminal will receive a harsh punishment: a pedophile; a rapist; a drug dealer; or a murderer - I’m assuming not, just a slap on the wrist and more money ploughed into ‘reforming’ them.

It is more likely that Thought Crimes, which do not agree with the Liberal consensus are those that will be handed the most severe punishments. How about Christians who are having their rights taken away through ‘equality laws’; or parents who wish to smack their children; or perhaps global warming deniers (akin to holocaust deniers these day.)

Fundamentally, Labour is causing society to break down because they are not letting us, the People, the chance to participate in it. From not allowing us a vote over the EU treaty; having a general election; the right to religious freedoms; and the right to have a family free from State scrutiny. The list could go on and on.

When Maggie said there is no such thing as society, Labour secretly echoed these distorted sentiments. If placing the individual at the heart of a neo-liberal agenda had caused an atomised society in the 80’s and 90’s then Nu Labour by using the State as a political weapon in the 00’s has dismantled what was left of Society.

Let’s rise up and call for a general election so we can be judge, jury and executioner on Nu Labour and their failed socially engineered project.