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Friday, 19 September 2008

Matthew Parris's attack on Christian Values

I begin my blogging life against the alarming rhetoric of Times' Matthew Parris with his clamour for Socialism to drop Christianity's help of your fellow man:

Upon reading his harrowing argument I couldn't help feeling he was purporting the dark and dank dystoptic vision of 1984. Parris states “Marx is about Power,” this worryingly echoes Big Brother: “We are interested solely in power, only power, pure power...the power over human beings-p275.”

Furthermore, Parris talks about 'muscular govt.' in a dangerous allusion to a boot stamping on the face of humanity. Twin this with his poisonous ideas like spurning 'nursing the weak' and not 'hearkening to disability' reads like like a pamphlet on eugenics where only the powerful should survive akin to Hitler's or Stalinist rhetoric on the superiority of the Volk or Collective.

A powerful arm of the State will not help people realise their true 'power' or strength, but a vast decentralisation and a shift to the local, where people have the 'power' to make free choices, not the State offering a final solution.

His view that “Socialism should never be divorced from...oiling the cogs and driving the pistons,” clearly shows Socialism is certainly not human – it treats Man like a cog in a machine or an animal to be herded.

“Socialism should see little value in personal freedom” is a frightening statement along with his dogma of the 'Power of the Collective.' For me, this collective doesn't have to just mean the State or anti the individual. The church 'collective' can heal the sick and cure the infirm in a more societal way than Socialism, for example it was Paul who said “If a man does not work he shall not eat.”

If all Marxism cares about is the economic superstructure then Christian values do much more re-educate Marx's beloved 'Proles' by being less work-shy, sober and a non-gambling entity.

What scares me most about Parris is his utterance that the Left must find a 'Class.' But whose class will they find? As always History WILL repeat itself, not in a Marxist teleos way, as it will not be the Proles, but the Inner Party or lib/left intelligentsia that tell people what to think like Stalin, Mao or the Guardian.

Parris's final battle cry for the Left to be “Unashamedly in taking command” reads like a revolutionary jibe that declares war on the fundamentals of democracy, as if Socialism had a 'divine' right to rule.

“What ever disunites Man from God, also disunites Man from Man.” E.B.

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