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Friday, 28 November 2008

A National Government in times of crisis, Gordon?

If Gordon Brown keeps referring to this Financial Crisis as a global one that needs the efforts of every nation to come a universal solution. This blog feels that Gordon wants to be the Churchill of out times – a national leader in times of crisis.

But he would be good to remember that although Churchill was a Tory, he presided and ruled in a national government – a collection of all parties striving for the greater good.

Perhaps if Gordon could stop being so drugged up on his Socialist obsession with Power and ultimate rule, the idea of a national government to free us form this crisis isn't a bad idea.

Vince Cable and George Osborne would make fine additions to an economic cabinet to deal with this enemy. Though the controlling Gordon wouldn't dream of this power-share knowing that Churchill lost the election after the war. So much for non-partisan politics.

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