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Monday, 26 January 2009

Gaza, BBC, Hamas and the Left - the intolerance of them all

I really don't know where to start with the Gaza debate as things have gotten way out of control. Firstly, the Left wing attacks have got to stop – I'm fed up – totally fed up! I walk past Westminster every morning and I am sickened by the demonstrators who like social parasites spew their hatred towards others, as normal citizens who have jobs, walk on to work.

It is almost like they have every anti-Israeli banner already painted and every placard written out before the Israeli military advancement.

For people who say they are “enlightened, objective and rational”, why have the Left swallowed the biggest lie that the UK, US and Israel are infidels and must be destroyed. I had to hear a woman on a megaphone for 5 minutes waiting for the lights to change on Bridge Street, blaming me for all the blood shed. I wanted to sing the Offspring's – Why don't you get a job, at her!

The next thing to tick me off was one of the biggest banners demanded we “Strike for Gaza” Bloody hell is there not a time when the Left won't pull out the ol' let go on a strike as we are too lazy to do anything, lets jump on a campaign that we have never read the history about, because that would make us informed and mean we'd have to engage our brains – no.

Strike for the mines, strike in the French revolution, Strike in the Russian Revolution, Strike over Israel. How about we have a strike over striking, would that be clever, or a protest about protesting – delightful.

I apologise over the lack of clarity in this post, but I am so enraged over the Left's attitude this time.

The next thing I witnessed had me seething...seeing graffiti which read: Israel=Nazism and Israel are Nazis, the worst one was on my nearby bus shelter, which had the Israeli flag having replaced the star of David with a swastika. You might as well buy a golliwog for a black man and say he's looking in the mirror – pure evil and utterly virile.

My point is that this time anti-semitism isn't being conducted by the Right, but by the Left, of all the creeds who 'preach' tolerance, peace and cultural understanding. Instead what do they do – cause social upheaval by demanding strikes, burning down the Starbucks in South Kensington and hurling rocks at the Israeli embassy. You'd thing we were in the 1930's and Hitler was in charge.

Are we going to see another Kristallnacht before the Left realise what they have started?

This boils down to petty and juvenile anarchic tendencies in the Left's ambitions to subvert Western values through terror, intimidation and violence. They simply are not tolerant people.

The can be seen with the latest anti-BBC demonstrations, which resembled the vigor of China's Tiananmen Square incident in the 80's. These people talk of social justice, but for me its a poisoned chalice, as they stand united as nothing more than an angry mob, and the mob to a conservative is a very combustible and explosive composition.

Group mentality can turn even 'peaceful' acts of resistance into vehicles for hate. Obama's social movement was truly democratic, but the Gaza appeals have turned into a bloodlust against Israel; and the Arab world is laughing at ranks in our own civilisation who they have turned against us.

How can the Left now hate the BBC when its a hugely biased left-wing institution – it boils down to 'they' haven't gone 'far' enough, through history we have seen when members of a cause in Left wing ranks ask questions or develop a conscious – denunciations, calls of sabotage and then exclusion either forcibly or worse.

Moving to Question Time a few weeks ago again had me at pains as the 'balanced' audience were cheering that Lib Dem Baroness Tonge who hadn't read a history book in her life and then jeered Stephen Pollard after he tried to exercise his democratic right to speak.

However, in that audience we heard a lady who said “Israel only has to lose once and then its all over.” This should have been the wake up call for the Left – the resonance these few words have shake the foundations of any Left wing heckle.

In my closing paragraphs I want to heap praise on Melanie Phillips and Daniel Finkelstein because they have written two fantastic articles outlining the case for Israel.

Finkelstein's article shows how Israel can't rely on world opinion if it is to survive, this latest showing in Western countries is clear in that message. His example is: “World opinion weeps for Anne Frank, but world opinion did not save her” – chilling and thoroughly true.

He speaks of how Zionism isn't a pseudo-religious doctrine that will destroy the world, but rather “the bitter conclusion that world opinion could not be relied upon to protect the Jewish people”.

Israel has on many times come to the peace table offering vast reconciliations, only to have them knocked back with violence from Muslims of all sects. Finkelstein says all Muslims need to do is say that they will allow Israel to live in peace; however most Arabs want to kill the Jewish people much like Hitler wanted to do across Europe.

Melanie Phillips states this is even better in regards of the many charities who bully the BBC: “The contribution that these charities have made is helping form the monstrous view that Israel is a demonic aggressor rather than the historic victim of exterminatory aggression.”

What this all boils down to see the reemergence of 2,000 years of persecution of the Jewish people, which looks cyclical and appears every 50-60 years or so. The problem now is that the attacks come from the Left, who mask their hatred in self-righteousness and in a cloak of revolutionary violence in the name of some pseudo-altruistic Utopian goal – which does sound oddly familiar...Islamic fundamentalism...

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