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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Hannan calls for a 'Revolutionary' turning of the political wheel

I heard a stellar speech from Daniel Hannan MEP at Ascot today. He has the apt nuances to deliver the Conservative message far beyond its ideological boarders. This is in stark contrast when I have heard David Cameron speak, as he appears insincere and at times disingenuous; while Mr. Hannan fills any room with an eloquence that is not only clear, but resoundingly powerful to the heart and mind.

The impression he left on me most was his use of the term ‘revolution’. This politically loaded word stimulates any archaic Socialist or woolly-minded Liberal, however Hannan described Britain needing a revolution so to ‘turn the wheel’ of current public policy. He uses the term in the more practical and technical definition as an act of ‘rotational motion.’

In short, a complete turn around from the ever increased encroachment of centralising tendencies of New Labour and the EU to the ultra-devolution of political power.

This was a call to arms not just against the undemocratic European project but also the clunking hand of Whitehall administration. At his most strongest he produced a sound political synergy between the EU regulation running our lives and voter apathy by explaining that people do not vote because they feel their vote is meaningless. The UK’s decision making abilities are seized from the elected officials, which are then rented out in the form of competing technocracies and ‘quangocracies’ under the New Labour Mis-Government.

His examples are the Treasury doesn’t run the economy - the FSA does; The Department for Schools doesn’t run education - the LEAs do; we don’t control our agricultural or fishing rights - the unelected EU Commission do; even our weekly bin collections are sent down via unaccountable EU diktats.

He gave an example of when he took his child to school and heard other parents complaining about the booster seats directive enforced upon all children under a certain height. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking we lived under Communist rule whose State production figures were down on last year, so Stalin demands we all must buy a useless piece of crappy plastic to protect our children as to re-inflate the economy.

Again, he asked ‘why vote?’ when the people you elect have no decision making powers, as we cede this to back-room deals in Brussels.

He repeatedly made the point that the mother of modern democracy (UK) has withered beyond all recognition due to the undemocratic nature of the EU. He gives a blistering example of the lady who replaced replaced Lord Mandy as Trade Commissar - sorry Commissioner, Baroness Ashton.

She has never stood for a democratic election in her life, as she knows she would lose. She received only two cheers when appearing before the Commission during her ‘coronation’ - the first for declaring that she would be the first woman to do the job (who cares what she is!) The second for claiming she had single handedly navigated the Lords away from ever allowing a referendum on the EU Lisbon Treaty! Is this the resultant modern day British Democracy?!

Mr. Hannan spoke about the EU’s obsession with technocrats over elected representation - the sneer for the common man. The point made was that the man who solely labours on one task becomes blind to all others that are around him.

There was also the mention of Gordon Brown not bringing the stimulus packages and the ‘Bail Out’ to a House of Commons votes so amendments could be made, let alone before the House to discuss. This was an announcement akin to the USSR’s declaration of yet another ‘5 year economic plan’. Mr. Hannan posed the question MPs should be asking themselves: Why are we even here then? We might as well go home.

Even the Obama led administration had to go before the US Congress three times to get theirs approved, which shows the democratic process alive and well; he has even won an election with a legitimate mandate from the American people.

The UK does not live in a democracy if we can not challenge, amend or give advise to our governors - this is pure tyranny.

Leaving the speech to one side, I feel Daniel Hannan sees his duty as protecting the UK against the EU, despite calls for this fine statesman to be brought into the Westminster fold. I do hate the cliche, ‘If you can’t beat them join them’, however I say this with a twist. if Hannan wasn’t in the EU Parliament who would be protecting the British interest.?

If 85% of our Laws do come from Brussels then I want to see Mr. Hannan help to make each a better one for Britain, because being an MP would give him absolutely no decision making abilities at all, which he profoundly explained to the audience today.

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