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Herein lies the Ghost in the political machine of the Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke. Much like Max Weber arguing with the Ghost of Marx, this blog seeks to make relevant and where appropriate support or reject Burke's 'Reflections' against the backdrop of the disastrous New Labour experiment.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My Political leanings so far...

I just retook the Political Compass test for the fourth time in as many years (I appear to be heading in a more authoritarian manner!) While the other chart is the latest EU poll regarding how you should vote come June 4th; however the questions are appalling - too many are leading or loaded questions, which give a skewed account of your political sensibilities.

For instance, one question is: Should the EU speak with one voice on foreign matters? I said yes, not out of any desire to see the EU power base to grow further, but more out of practicality for example when the UK wants to go to war, but France is too scared. Although the preceding question is: Do you think the EU should have a fully functioning army? In short, they both infer the same political outcome.

Also, being socially liberal, but economically right wing will alter and misrepresent the x-axis which highlights both positions on a single line.

Its only saving grace is that it allows you to select or de-select certain criteria at the end, so you can see how you fair on specific issues raised during this rather closed questionnaire.

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