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Friday, 17 October 2008

Brown topples Masters of the Universe and tries to create the 5th International

The world is dubbing Gordon Brown the 'Economic Saviour', as his strategy for bail-out turned to buy-out has been copied by almost every Western power. The mass media knee-jerk reaction to this was to send out plaudits and acclaim to dour old Gord, but I couldn't help think wider problems are afoot.

I couldn't help be reminded of a specific part of Marx's assertion of historical teleos, whereby Marx sees Capitalism as a necessary evil on the road to the end of History i.e. Total communism. As the story goes, Capitalism is needed as a necessary marker, or turning point in History, just like Feudalism shifted to Capitalism, so too will Capitalism morph into Communism.

Marx believed Capitalism would destroy itself from within, which with the current Credit-Crisis fiasco burned in the minds of most, the Left have been ideologically resuscitated, after years of paralysis courtesy of Maggie's iron handbag dealing a supposed knock-out blow for Socialism.

What Marx wanted to achieve was an International Labour movement to overthrow Capitalism's monopoly on the mode of production, with the composition of the forces and means of production significantly altered. The international movements failed spectacularly on numerous occasions because world Capitalism wasn't truly global, and perhaps still isn't even global yet.

The current elixir archaic Socialists are sipping on is, that with Capitalism's financial reach widening it has entered a form of overstretch; when Capitalism turns to Globalisation the hope is Socialists will have the ripe conditions to form a successful International Labour movement doing away with nation states to forge a new international order.

So it comes as little surprise that the Old Labour Party behmouth has clunked back into action. Gordon has ditched New Labour rhetoric and plunged deep into the BIG Government playbook to scare the public into the arms of the State: a Comforter that gives with one hand and takes away with the other.

The omission that frightens anyone who is on the Right or Libertarian in outlook is this...

“We need globally accepted and supervised standards of regulation applied equally in all countries. We need stronger arrangements for cross-border supervision of global firms…We now have global financial markets, global corporations, global financial flows. But what we do not have is anything other than national and regional regulation and supervision. We need a global way of supervising our financial system.”

Brown's monstrous New World Order of global regulation through his omniscient leadership resembles the all powerful all controlling, Inner Party of Orwell, pulling all the strings while mere mortals stand around and watch the carnage, stupefied by spin and double-speak.

Marx believed it was all about Power and Brown fully agrees. What worries, is that instead of the workers of the world uniting in an international coalition as Marx envisaged, it is rather a minute number of powerful men manipulating world affairs acting as World Controllers, much like the bureaucratic EU as unelected 'super-officials.'

It appears we have Gorden Brown returning to the poisonous Socialist roots of his youth trying to forge a 5th International, while less myopic men remember the horrors of real-life Socialism, which instead of breeding the theoretical belief of egalitarianism, merely hyper-centralises Power into the hands of the few and shackles mankind into the chains of economic and social bondage witnessed in USSR and China.

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