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Herein lies the Ghost in the political machine of the Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke. Much like Max Weber arguing with the Ghost of Marx, this blog seeks to make relevant and where appropriate support or reject Burke's 'Reflections' against the backdrop of the disastrous New Labour experiment.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

During my daily, always delayed, Metropolitan line commute to and from Parliament my eye keeps wondering and catches the new Maestro Tube ad, which states: 'Cash has Retired.'
My problem is that my own Maestro card is as compatible as £2 coins are with the UK's vending machines. Prime example: The parking at my local car park accepts every other card for the ridiculous £4 charge except my bloody Maestro!
So I am left to contemplate life with heavily weighed down pockets and the burden, not of 'retirement age' cash, but of my work-shy Maestro card. *sigh*

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