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Friday, 31 October 2008

I hope all sides see Obama not as Black, but as empty, devoid of any real change and above all a dawn of false hope

In T minus five days we will be looking at the end of History...oops sorry didn't we hear that back in 1989 from neo-liberals who deceived us into thinking the Fall of the Berlin Wall had led to a triumphant win for the West?
Well were are back again standing on the precipice of History, teetering on the brink of an acclaimed post-racial society, where race ceases to be an issue.
We couldn't be more deluded.

In effect Obama's run for the White House has made many Liberal Americans colour 'blind,' not in the sense that people don't notice his colour, but in fact the exact opposite has happened. This social story has turned people blind to the pitfalls of Obama being President, simply because of what it means 'Historically' for a black man to enter the highest office.

Obama has done well not to mention race explicitly himself, as previous incantations of the Black American Dream. But for all his silence on race, this mute issue has somehow fueled the passions of many Americans who wish to see the stain of slavery expunged from their consciousness, by any means necessary.

A cult of Celebrity has followed Obama around since his elevation to the higher echelons of the Democrat Party. His parade appears dripped in rhetoric with nothing of substance and this election has turned more into a grass roots social movement than a political race.

What are we voting for exactly? Change? Has Obama would have you believe? Or is it a continuation of the civil rights movement from the 60's? This Liberal blindness to get a black man in the Oval office will prove to be their downfall, as Hillary was the better pick and the wisest head in her Party. Her defeat a few months ago, shows how far certain ideologues are willing to go – What Obama signifies, appears far more important than what he can do.
Obama, for all intents and purposes, is the Liberal white man's choice, he is highly educated in a liberal establishment, has worked previously as a lecturer in Law and has conducted himself in a manner that is intellectual, Western, and most importantly white in nature.

Other outspoken civil rights leaders were heavily engaged in racial tension and often inflated their blackness to demonstrate this was the only entity they could be, hence why many white Americans were put off and rightly scared by these racist by-products of a different age.
Counter to this, Obama isn't aggressive, full of pent up frustration or walking around with a chip on his shoulder; the only thing Obama has which is remotely black is his skin, something that people should never judge a man on. He is electable because he isn't culturally black. And for some Afro-Americans he isn't even black enough.

The problem I have is that the people who often shout 'Racist' when a person talks about Obama's race, are often the ones who believe McCain is too old to be President. Racism and Ageism are surely two sides of the same coin – prejudice. So for one group to denounce one and use the other speaks of hypocrisy of the highest order.

We live in an age where the thirst for the fountain of youth quenches our desire to read from the tree of knowledge. We now value naïve and youthful promises over age-learned experience. For example the Queen, she has presided over countless Prime Ministers, not to mention numerous acts of History, she has far more knowledge of the World's situation and her dutiful demeanour throughout is something we should stand in awe of.

Obama merely offers petty sentiment and a lack of Historical judgement, just like our youth of today who have no grasp of History due to the ideological push of the Left to re-write History as they see fit. McCain offers us a time line of events not a one off epochal triumph, unlike our accelerated generation whose only pleasure is instantaneous gratification, not delayed enjoyment.

The danger is people are simply not listening to what Obama is saying, they have been swept away in the moment of this cult of Obama, his words don't actually matter just the fact he is talking is good enough for them.

If someone in that audience, who hold the placards of 'Change,' could quantify what this 'Change' actually amounts to I'd be surprised. This 'Change' is superficial and vacuous, yes people are fed-up of the Bush years, but I can't envisaged a fundamental shift in the way the American psyche is configured. It has been set in stone since America's inception and is unlikely to have cortex-tual shift in thinking with Obama at the helm.

Obama isn't non-partisan nor for that matter is he pragmatic, meanwhile McCain eschews going across the aisle to get things done. His long stint in DC has granted and enabled him to be a Statesman that the US needs in a time of conflict. His military record outlines his dedication to the Stars and Stripes.

His age should be seen as a great asset, as it speaks of years of experience and wise decision making, up against the enemy who is full of youthful exuberance and idealist fervour that will come tumbling down in the political arena, which is all about diplomacy, concession, and pragmatism.

All Obama amounts to is, two years as a senator plus two more years that saw him followed by millions in myopic idolatrous throws. These anthropolatry passions destroy all sense of reason from this election.

To be blinded by History is the saddest fate of all. I hope all sides see Obama not as Black, but as empty, devoid of any real change and above all a dawn of false hope.

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